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SAUI 1.0 – Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions


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Apr 28 - Apr 30, 2021

 May 18 - May 20, 2021

 Jun 14 - Jun 16, 2021

 Jul 26 - Jul 28, 2021

  • 3 dager
    Data Center Virtualization

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    After taking this course, you should be able to:

    • Describe the overall architecture of the Cisco security solutions and how APIs help enable security
    • Know how to use Cisco Firepower APIs
    • Explain how pxGrid APIs function and their benefits
    • Demonstrate what capabilities the Cisco Stealthwatch APIs offer and construct API requests to them for configuration changes and auditing purposes
    • Describe the features and benefits of using Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud APIs
    • Learn how to use the Cisco Umbrella Investigate API
    • Explain the functionality provided by Cisco AMP and its APIs
    • Describe how to use Cisco Threat Grid APIs to analyze, search, and dispose of threats


    • Introducing Cisco Security APIs
    • Consuming Cisco Advanced Malware Protection APIs
    • Using Cisco ISE
    • Using Cisco pxGrid APIs
    • Using Cisco Threat Grid APIs
    • Investigating Cisco Umbrella Security Data Programmatically
    • Exploring Cisco Umbrella Reporting and Enforcement APIs
    • Automating Security with Cisco Firepower APIs
    • Operationalizing Cisco Stealthwatch and the API Capabilities
    • Using Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud APIs
    • Describing Cisco Security Management Appliance APIs


    This course is designed primarily for professionals in job roles such as:

    • Network engineer
    • Systems engineer
    • Wireless engineer
    • Consulting systems engineer
    • Technical solutions architect
    • Network administrator
    • Wireless design engineer
    • Network manager
    • Sales engineer
    • Account manager


    Before enrolling in this course, you should have professional level knowledge in the following areas:

    • Basic programming language concepts
    • Basic understanding of virtualization
    • Ability to use Linux and Command Line Interface (CLI) tools, such as Secure Shell (SSH) and bash
    • CCNP level core networking knowledge
    • CCNP level security networking knowledge

    The following Cisco courses can help you gain the knowledge you need to prepare for this course:

    • Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA®)
    • Introducing Automation for Cisco Solutions (CSAU)
    • Programming Use Cases for Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNAPUC)
    • Introducing Cisco Network Programmability (NPICNP)
    • Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Technologies (SCOR)