CIPP/E + CIPM Bundle

CIPP/E + CIPM Bundle
  • CIPP/E + CIPM Bundle

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    Data Protection/Administration
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    Insoft-IAPP-training-partnerAchieving a CIPM credential shows that you have a comprehensive knowledge of how data protection programmes should work across an organization. Combine with a CIPP/E credential and prove that you not only can manage a data protection programme, but you understand the regulations that govern them.


    With a CIPP/E and CIPM combined you’ll be uniquely equipped to fulfill the DPO requirements of the GDPR. The CIPP/E relates to the knowledge a DPO must have concerning the European legal framework of the legislation, and the CIPM provides theoretical aspects necessary to lead an organisation’s data protection policy.


    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in 2018. Among its mandates is the requirement to appoint a knowledgeable Data Protection Officer (DPO)tasked with monitoring compliance, managing internal data protection activities, training data processing staff, conducting internal audits and more. There’s a lot to know, there’s a lot at stake and there’s a lot of opportunity for data protection professionals with the right training and education.


    CIPPE-CIPM Bundle course includes:

    • Official IAPP CIPP/E and CIPM Participant Guides
    • Official IAPP CIPP/E and CIPM Textbooks (ebooks)
    • Official IAPP CIPP/E and CIPM Practice Tests
    • IAPP CIPP/E and CIPM Certification Exam Vouchers
    • 1 Year IAPP Membership



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     Mar 25 - Mar 28, 2019