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    Get Trained on Microsoft Education

    Insoft Services is now working in EMEAR as a Training Center for Microsoft Education.

    Insoft Services delivers Microsoft Technical Training & Certification courses. We offer trainings for wide range of Microsoft courses covering MCSA: SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Professional Certification, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft Office 2010 & 2013 courses to name a few.

    Microsoft Training Courses

    [spoiler title=’MCSA: SQL Server 2012′ collapse_link=’true’]

    [spoiler title=’MCSA: Windows Server 2012′ collapse_link=’true’]

    [spoiler title=’MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure’ collapse_link=’true’]

    [spoiler title=’Microsoft Access’ collapse_link=’true’]

    Microsoft Office Access 2013

    Microsoft Office Access 2010


    [spoiler title=’Microsoft Excel’ collapse_link=’true’]

    Microsoft Office Excel 2013

    Microsoft Office Excel 2010


    [spoiler title=’Microsoft Office 2010′ collapse_link=’true’]


    [spoiler title=’Microsoft Outlook’ collapse_link=’true’]

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2013

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2010


    [spoiler title=’Microsoft Powerpoint’ collapse_link=’true’]

    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013

    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010


    [spoiler title=’Microsoft Project’ collapse_link=’true’]


    [spoiler title=’Microsoft SharePoint’ collapse_link=’true’]


    [spoiler title=’Microsoft Visio’ collapse_link=’true’]


    [spoiler title=’Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1′ collapse_link=’true’]


    [spoiler title=’Microsoft Word’ collapse_link=’true’]

    Microsoft Office Word 2013

    Microsoft Office Word 2010


    [spoiler title=’Other Office 2013′ collapse_link=’true’]

    Microsoft Office 2013: Transition from Office 2003

    Microsoft OneNote 2013

    Microsoft Office 2013: Publisher

    Microsoft Office 365™: Web Apps and Collaboration for Office 2013

    Microsoft Office 2013: Transition from Microsoft 2007/2010