Cisco ASR 5000 Element Management System

Cisco ASR 5000 Element Management System
  • Cisco ASR 5000 Element Management System

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    Mobile Internet Technology
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    The Cisco ASR 5000 Element Management System (EMS) Version 12.2 instructor-led course offered by Learning Services provides detailed instruction on how to use the Cisco® Element Management System to manage, monitor, configure, and/or administer network functions configured on the Cisco ASR 5000 Series Aggregation Services Router.


    Numerous lectures and demonstrations reinforce principles learned during the System Administration and Configuration course and provide explanations for using the application to perform the following:

    • Element Management System requirements and installation
    • Element Management System server-side component descriptions
    • Making sure of Web Element Management server availability through process monitoring and database maintenance
    • Configuring contexts, interfaces, and services
    • Saving and restoring configuration files
    • Performing software upgrades
    • Using the application’s audit trail functionality
    • Using the application’s alarm management features
    • Executing performance management operations


    • Module 1: Introduction to the Web Element Management System
    • Module 2: Getting Started
    • Module 3: Creating a Configuration File
    • Module 4: WEM Security Functions
    • Module 5: Alarm Management
    • Module 6: Accounting Management
    • Module 7: Performance Management
    • Module 8: Server Maintenance


    • Support staff
    • Service provider network operations center (NOC) personnel
    • Service provider engineers
    • Service provider partners